As a start-up firm or business owner, one of the major aspect of running a successful business is to ensure an equally competent team to manage the Accounting and Tax and legal matters associated with your business operations. All successful business owners understand the significance of a proper Accounting system, and compliances to Tax laws (GST, Income tax and International Tax) as it serves as the basis of proper MIS systems and Financial Reporting for Business owner.


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It is important to have an expert team of Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Startup Consultants to look after Accounting and Tax and Legal matters, company law, GST, Income tax and accounting matters. Since all these fields are extremely technical and possess their own challenges, it is important for an Enterprise to employ a team with professionals who can together boast of all these skills.


Most large corporations as well as SMEs have shut down owing to lack of legal compliances or tax notices or enquiry initiated by Enforcement Directorate, or matters associated with International tax, while some suffered shutdowns owing to Investor issues ranging from Listed companies to growing and promising Startups.


It is always smart to outsource such matters to a team of experts where Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Company Secretaries as Startup Consultants work collectively under one roof to deliver a one-stop solution, which is legally solid and compliant for your business at a cost much less than that incurred when hired in-house.


Hiring professionals from various field like CA, CS, Lawyers, lead to such challenges:


  • Heavy burn/ expenditure

Employing a battery of Lawyers, CA, CS is the most ideal scenario for a company.

However, as per the latest research carried out by Established market research companies and Startup Consultants in Delhi, on startup challenges 2018, points to the fact that it is financially enviable for any startup or SMEs to incur these costs and incur profitability above 10 percent. It was observed through analysis of 10,000 startups in India across various states, that outsourcing is the most cost effective mechanism to adopt, or else be exposed to the risk of notices, tax demands, and other scrutiny.


  • Management of team and competency check

It is pertinent to mention that Managing a team of professionals without knowledge on the subject is the highest single factor that increases the burden on the SME or startups. More than  eighty two percent of the startups agree to the fact that legal and financial complexity is difficult for them to understand and takes at least thirty two percent of their total time in office. Startup Consultants in Delhi also noticed that this is one of the most important challenges for a Startup, apart from Fund raising still being the top most challenge.


  • Expertise:

Due to lack of knowledge in Management team about the subject matter, it becomes very difficult to hire the correct candidates for the purpose of handling accounting, legal and tax matters for the organisation.


  • Quality:

It becomes difficult for startups and SMEs to hire quality talent because quality in this industry comes from experience and with experience, the cost of resources increase considerably in the field of finance and legal consultancy.


  • Turnaround time:

Lack of expertise leads to time lags, and defaults. As per a latest survey carried out by renowned organisations in Delhi and Mumbai, it was observed that time lags led to highest amount of penalties under the GST laws for business owners. These time lags were founds to be due to inefficiency of staff and time lags.


In order to plan out the future development scale of a business, it is very essential to analyse the position of a particular business organisation an appropriate estimation of such analysis can easily be provided by the financial record of the company, hence opting for outsourcing these services to a one-stop solution organisation with expert team and years of experience can majorly help in the accomplishment of task of bringing QUALITY DELIVERY, SAVING TIME AND COST for the Organisation and Business heads.


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